What is Manifest?
Manifest is a 2-day music festival in Chapel Hill, NC created by Erika Libero and Sarah Shook in direct response to the underrepresentation of femme, trans and non binary folk in music. Manifest only books bands with members who identify as femme, trans or non-binary and flood the scene for a weekend with these bands to manifest a more inclusive music scene. This year, Manifest 3 will be held on Oct 19th and 20th at three venues: The Local 506, The Nightlight and The Cave.

What kind of music is it?

A wild variety of genres but wholly music made by people who live life on their own terms. There is a strong, underlying, independent, and indomitable spirit of punk present in all the bands playing Manifest, whether we'd consider them rock, country, hardcore, electronic, you name it.  

Punk as in ____?
No.  Punk as in everyone.  This festival is for everyone.

Is it for me? 

Is it all ages?​ 
The Local 506 and The Nightlight are all ages but The Cave is 21+ only.  

How much are tickets?​
2-day All Venue Pass (Advance) - $25
Single Day All Venue Pass - $15
Single Venue Pass - $10

Can I volunteer? 
Yes! Email us here: [email protected] and put volunteer in the subject line.

Can my business sponsor the fest?
Yes! Email us: [email protected] and put sponsor in the subject line.

Can my band apply to play?
Possibly! Send us a link to your music: [email protected] with we wanna play in the subject line.

What is a "safe space" and why don't you allow bigotry at this festival?  
Safe space means a space free of racism, sexism, homophobia or transphobia. In other words it means a space that is respectful of all walks of life. Everyone is welcome and everyone belongs.  

I have other questions, can i email you?
Sure. It's [email protected]